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Here at Krayon Campus, we're dedicated to your child's development and provide a supportive and nurturing environment for children to grow and play. You're more than welcome to tour our facilities before deciding to enroll your child. Call us today at 402-486-4847 for more information!

Call today to make an appointment! 402-486-4847

Trusted Caregivers

We're trusted caregivers with over 20 years of experience in childhood development. You can enroll your child into our care with the complete confidence that we have the expertise and the compassion to care for your child the way they should be and provide an encouraging environment where they can interact and play with other children. If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know. We want to make you and your child have a positive experience during your time at our care center. 
Childcare services by professionals in Lincoln, NE

We are parents 

Leaving your child in the care of someone else takes some getting used to and we understand how concerning it is to place them in an unfamiliar environment. We can assure you that many of our caregivers have children of their own and understands how to properly care for infants and toddlers and do whatever we can to help you and your child through this transition.  
Professional childcare service in Lincoln, NE
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